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A division of Delmarva Long Distance, We specialize in wireless phone plans and cell phones for residents of the Delmarva Peninsula- Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia. However, We do provide special internet only wireless savings for All U.S. Visitors. Simply enter your Zip Code in the Search to find the Best Cell Phone Plans in your area.

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We have deals on the hottest cell phones with the best carriers- like the Motorola Razr and Motorola Rokr with iTunes-Free after Rebate on Cingular.

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Virginia Wireless  has partnered with T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Sprint/Nextel, and other major wireless carriers  to bring you the largest assortment of cell phone plans that you will find on the internet. Compare Plans and Cell Phones from a variety of carriers to find the best deal for your needs. Verizon Wireless Virginia

Hot Cell Phone Deals

Free Cingular Motorola Rokr with iTunes We have the new Motorola Rokr on Cingular Free After Rebate. This is the new phone with iTunes.

Free Cingular Motorola Razr Known as the Thin Phone, we have the ultra thin Motorola Razr in Silver or Black, Free on Cingular with a new service agreement.

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